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Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine

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The Center was founded in 1991 with the aim of promotion the industry of computer software in the conditions of formation of market economy in Ukraine. On request of central bodies of executive power the Centre was carried out projects on topics of legal support for the creation and distribution of computer programs as intellectual property and technology infrastructure development industry (standardization and certification), as well as measures on realization of state scientific and technical policy in the field of industrialization of software development.

At the beginning of 2000-ies in Ukraine was formed the foundations of the market economy with its important component – software products (SP) industry, which is rapidly developing. The market for software products and services for its implementation is saturated and competitive in Ukraine today.

The industry of software products in Ukraine is an active participant in the globalization of the world economy. To maximize the positive effects and minimize the negative impact of Ukraine's participation in these processes it is necessary to conduct appropriate public policy.

For this, Center has developed a draft of State program "Development of software products industry of Ukraine", which conceptual positions was used in the drafts of laws in the Parliament of Ukraine and appropriate programmes and activities of the Executive authorities. Program guidelines – a systematic approach, raising the level of maturity of the domestic software companies, orientation of SP export on the product model, creation of conditions for accelerated development of software products industry are still relevant today.

Center is first among national organizations and companies began to provide services for the implementation of industrial software solutions and information technology of leading IT world companies with the goal of development of integrated automated control systems of businesses and companies in the corporate segment of the economy and the government.

In addition to a lot of projects implemented for large domestic enterprises, international companies and government bodies, Centre has promoted the modern industrial approaches to the creation and modernization of control systems through the conferences, exhibitions, publications in the media.

And today one of the main activities of Centre are services for the development of IT-strategies of enterprises and companies focused on increasing their competitiveness. One of the main conceptual component of IT-strategies is the use of industrial standard software for the automatization of core business processes and to integrate local software applications. Such projects are considered by Center as an investment ones, which, economic efficiency is ensured by the implementation in practice of modern management concepts, methods, management processes, implemented in the respective business applications.

In recent years, Center participates in projects and activities with the aim of implementation of e-government and information society development. Applications in these fields of free open source software have many advantages over proprietary software. The formation and implementation of such public policies was devoted «State target scientific-technical program for applying the open source software in the bodies of state power», developed with the participation of International Software Technology Research Center "Technosoft", which in 2011 was joined to Сenter.

Thus, the combining of scientific-technical developments, project activities and services to customers in a wide range of IT-industry reinforces all the levels and directions of scientific-technical activities of the Centre.

The status of Centre as self-supporting company on the IT-market, stimulates ongoing support of scientists and professionals competence, allowing to develop and apply in their projects and services with the most modern it and approaches to their implementation and use.

In turn, this allows to make a concrete contribution to the development and implementation of IT-products in various fields of its application and to assist generally to the integral impact on the development of the IT-industry.

Participation in International projects
  • 2003 - 2005: International project of the Sixth EU Framework Programme of research and development "TRISTAN-East: TRaining of IST multipliers and Awareness Nurturing in the 3rd Countries of EAST and South East Europe (NIS)"
  • 1996 - 1998: International project of the Fifth EU Framework Programme (Inco-Copernicus) "EXPERNET: Development of a Distributed Expert System for the Management of a National Network"
  • 1994 - 1995: Joint research grant of the international scientific exchange program of the NATO "The Evaluation of Experts Using a Visual Programming Language"

The Center activities are in the following areas:
  • Participation in the development and implementation of state scientific and technical policy with the aim of developing industry and software market in Ukraine
  • Development of it strategy of enterprises, companies and organizations, reengineering business processes, consulting with the purpose of development of information management systems of enterprises and organizations, technical audit of information management systems, certification of software products, etc.
  •  The implementation of software business applications in enterprises and companies of various industries, public administration, science and education.