<June 2018>

Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine

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Center provides a range of services to software companies for the purpose of industrialization processes and services, in particular:
  • independent testing of software and products
  • certification of software, processes and services
  • advice on the establishment (creation) of quality management systems and their support.

Services of Center on the subject of integrated information enterprise management systems:
  • company IT-strategies development
  • business-processes reengineering
  • development of technical requirements for selection of standard software and computer landscapes for creating/upgrading of integrated information management systems
  • certification of software and quality management systems of suppliers
  • support of projects implementation/upgrade of integrated information management systems.

As part of Center operates a Training centre. The training of IT-specialists is provided in the following areas:
  • modeling of business processes
  • project management
  • quality management system
  • management of IT-infrastructure
Center provides services on custor software development too.